Improving Student Outcomes through Data Based Decision Making

I provide consultation, program evaluation, coaching, and in-service training in the broad areas of Response to Intervention (RTI), academic assessment and intervention, as well as behavioral assessment and intervention. The following is a list of the most frequently provided presentations and workshops.
  • Response to Intervention: A Focus on Comprehensive Support in Academics
  • Data Based Decisions Making in RTI School
  • Response to Intervention: A Focus on Comprehensive Support for Social Behavior.
  • An RTI Model for Mathematics
  • Conducting Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Developing and Implementing Behavioral Intervention Plans
  • Experimental Analysis of Academic Responding
  • Tier III: What to Do With Students Who Still Are Not Responding
  • Graphing and Data Analysis
  • Single Case Research Design and Intervention Evaluation
  • Implementing Empirically Supported Academic Intervention

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